A cause to strip for

I recently saw a news site slideshow about celebrities that have taken off their clothes for a cause. The overwhelming majority of stars took their clothes off for PETA. “I’d rather go naked,” the caption reads, “than wear fur.” PETA ProtestThat is all great and good but why can’t celebrities bring attention to causes of immediate human life and death in this country. I am referring to abortion. With the recent murder of the late term abortion doctor George Tiller, the focus has been misplaced on the craziness of a crazy man with a gun. The real focus should be, once again the legality and morality of abortion itself. But in our society it is more important that we make sure chickens don’t get big breasts too fast and that models do. Some groups want to shock and awe the public with ads about animal cruelty when many in society are being cruel to their own kind. I guess it’s time to reveal my new slogan: “I’d rather eat a large breasted chicken, wear fur and enjoy rodeos than support the killing of a human life by letting it be sucked through a tube.” I think it has a nice catchy ring to it? Don’t you?

I recently saw the distrubing film, Silent Scream, which despite its dramatic presentation and what its critics call hyperbole, is profoundly disturbing even if you take a very even handed look at the film. (For such a review of the film click here.) I won’t describe it here and no doubt many are already familar with it, but it shows how the fetus might view an abortion–very disturbing. Such pratices must stop. Will we go back to back alley abortions? Maybe, but I don’t want my popular sovereignty sanctioning such a horrible practice, I can’t do it in good conscience. 

While I am expounding on old conservative themes, why not bring up that old chesnutt that conservatives have all but given up on; school prayer. I wonder: why can’t I, being a teacher, start each class with a moment of silence for my students to meditate, pray or refoucs before we start class? Will I be arrested for it? If I am is that a bad thing? So I get sued? I would no doubt lose in the Federal Court of Appeals (I am in District 9), and I would appeal that decision all the way to the Supreme Court, which would take up the case and rule that it is silly to construe moments of silence as somehow unconstitutitonal. Okay that is all mainly just in my mind but in theory why couldn’t that happen? Isn’t that how all the great landmark movements gained legitimacy in American society?

I am rambling I know, this post is written on the fly in a hotel room and I’m tired. In writing and publishing this post I guess I risk being labeled a conservative looney. I am drunk on 1980s Republican nostalgia. The source was a second-hand store in Nampa, ID. I was  inspired to write this post made drunk after thumbing through a 1986 Conservative Digest magazine in which potential presidential candidates, ranging from Jack Kemp to Howard Baker were interviewed and on these two issues, among others, all the candidates were in agreement, yet conservatives rarely talk about these issues anymore; they’ve been ruled too devisive.

I might regret this post in the morning, but I might not.


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