Federalist No. 1

In the fstarirst of the essays by Jay, Hamilton and Madison, Hamilton refers to the importance of the debate over the new constitution as a matter of union or disunion. He foresaw that the United States could not long remain united without a more energetic government. He makes mention in the first essay of the idea, then circulating as rumor and whisperings that the United States was too big a territory and had too diverse of cultures for an effective federalism and should therefore be replaced with regional republics, each with a government strong enough to protect but close enough to the people to avoid tyranny and remain responsive. This is quite an interesting idea that I have heard Glenn Beck talk about and some Russian political scientist has written similarly. Hence in the future because of a too great of stress and strain placed on the current federal relationship between states and the national government one might see regions breaking off and forming say a Rocky Mountain Republic or a revival of  the Republic of Texas. Some would say that we have already been through that, no state can break away, the federal government will retrieve them with extreme prejudice. This is true, but if in the future the federal government because of its extreme weakness through over-taxation, foreign wars and weak leadership no longer has power to keep states in the Union what will stop states from breaking federal bonds and forming their own unions with states of similar interests?

Which would be preferable, one federal union or many separate confederacies? That depends really. Jay, Madison and Hamilton make the case for one federal union throughout the Federalist, a very strong case. They warn of evils and “probable dangers” that will come without union. But in order for the preservation of one federal union to be again the obvious and best choice and to make the anti-federalists once again irrelevant, our current state of political affairs needs to be readjusted, broken if you will, like a bent man at a chiropractor. We need serious adjustments and realignments and it starts with our political faith and ideals, which are no where better expounded and unfolded than in the Federalist Papers. Washington needs to know that it is never okay to take over car companies and banks and healthcare and rob the people through taxes for entitlement programs and promote atheism and disgrace the founding documents that have established in the hearts and minds of the people American liberty!


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