Thus far Idaho stands alone in its legislative opposition to the federal health care overhaul. With little fanfare and no mainstream celebrations, in fact most “respectable” circles remain silent, last night the Idaho State Senate voted to pass a bill that would forbid the state from accepting any federal funds to enact the health care law and blocks any discretionary parts of the law for one year. While this much tamer version is not as forceful as the original interposition bill, make no mistake interposition it is.

In the spirit of Jefferson and Madison’s formulation of a constitutional response to an overreaching national government which violated the sacred principles of free speech and press, the very average citizen-legislators of Idaho have begun to interpose. Walking in the footsteps of merchants and planters who protested an unjust embargo and tariff, the legislators of Idaho have struck a blow for liberty. Taking the first giant step in confronting a leviathan, the legislators of Idaho step with those who refused to be compelled against their consciences in returning run away slaves to their masters. Perhaps they have done all this without fully comprehending the historic company they have taken up with, but rest assured the people of the great state of Idaho are this day thankful for their efforts.

So who’s next? What state will join with Idaho in reasserting the validity of the 10th Amendment? Our national legislature has failed us, our president has betrayed us and our judges have missed the mark. Therefore, we the people, into whose bosom rests the sovereignty of the nation must proclaim through our republican legislatures that we will not be forced and coerced like sheep into obeying unconstitutional laws.

We can no longer sit idly by as the domination of what has now become almost an alien power, lords over us with burdensome rules and regulations, designed to rip from the hands of the laborers the bread they have earned, only to deliver the spoils into the hands of private interest.

We desire to do no harm to any man but seek only to enjoy that liberty bequeathed to us by worthy forefathers. We know all men are equal in law and that peace should be the aim of all who desire liberty. And while not all have all given to them of nature, it becomes the duty of that government closest to the people to care for those in need and not a foreign power.

We therefore call upon all races of men to join with us without prejudice and fight for your rights as Americans and citizens of your state.

This is not hyperbole. This is not a joke. This is a call to action.


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