The future

With perpetual stalling by our “representatives” in Congress to enact any meaningful reforms that might help save America from imminent economic and political collapse, it has become clear to me and many others that a new system must be developed to replace the debris left behind from the overwrought American empire.

Empire. I hate to call it that. Years ago I would have been in the mainstream mocking people who dared call America an empire. But I honestly don’t know what else to call it. It has almost nearly ceased as a republic, a republic at least in the early Roman or even Whig sense as it was founded. I am not trying to tear down America, I am simply seeing a future in which America simply cannot go on as it is. All the data tells us this. The CBO’s numbers aren’t rosy. Entitlements (which contrary to Mitt Romney and I guess now Rick Perry are unconstitutional) will ceased to yield any returns for the younger generation those who have contributed. The wars that we wage are destroying our spirits and our pocket books, but they nevertheless go on and on and on. All this might result in riots and out of the social upheaval could emerge a new America but it is up to the younger generation, those say 40 and under to start developing a vision for what the future could look like. Are we going to let an absolute tyranny take  hold out of the chaos that is to shortly come to pass? Or, will we know what we want, do we have a vision of a world in which small really is beautiful and we do not legalize theft and aggression? A world where we are free and equal under the law? Sound utopian? Well I guess it is. And as long as we do not fight against each other but can come to the unity of liberty, we can set up for ourselves the system of government best suited to for liberty and equality.

We won’t necessarily need to remake from scratch the great founding charters but with over 200 years of experience with the Constitution, we know what articles, sections and clauses  have been used to destroy freedom and peace. Armed with that knowledge we can surely design an instrument that could be our guiding document for the next 200 years. And if Jefferson’s encouragement of a new constitution and rebellion every 20 years seems a bit too frequent, then would not 200 years be justified?

If we can formulate a vision, may it be one of liberty, peace and equality before the law. If you are under 40 years of age, it ‘s is high time you put down your toys and take up your books, fill your mind with the history of the great republics and the philosophies upon which they were built. Embrace liberty, responsibility and equality. That Ron Paul consistently wins in public opinion polls and has such a young, large band of enthusiastic supporters makes me optimistic. For it is the younger generation that will, after the foundation has crumbled, construct a new (yet ancient) foundation on which to place our hopes.


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